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Opening second Bubble Bar!

Hi All,

We would like to announce that on Saturday 07/11/2015 our second Bubble Bar will open at Wijnegem Shopping Center!!

The shop is located on the ground floor (Unit 83).

To celebrate this occasion, we have revamped our whole menu with the addition of house specials.

Hope to see you guys over there!


Note 1:
Currently we have received a 6 month concession from WSC for this shop.

Note 2:
Our shop at Melkmarkt 11, Antwerp will be closed during that day (07/11/2015).

Flavour of the Month - 2015-10 low res

Flavour of the Month – October 2015

Hi All,

A bit late with the announcement but the new Flavour of the Month has been available since last week!

Come and try our delicious Mango Pineapple Green Tea topped up with Mango Boba and Pineapple Jelly.